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Written by Send It participant, Jan 2022 After my diagnosis in 2014 and treatment in 2015, I’d done my best to return to “normal” life. I tucked my cancer experience away into a corner of my brain, after which I proceeded to try to forget about it. From time to time, feelings would come up, … Read more

By Lee Donlon Before March 2020 I had never heard of Zoom and guess what, now it’s my job!  We’ve all experienced video calls in some form or another since the start of quarantine. From virtual work meetings, to online classes, catching up with friends and family, and even movie watch parties hosted from your … Read more

by Layla Moheimani I was diagnosed with Stage III Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma at the age of 21. The weekend before my 7th round of chemo, I went on a ski trip with a group of AYA (Adolescent/Young Adult) cancer patients and survivors with the Send It Foundation. Being diagnosed with this life-threatening disease at … Read more

For the month of September, in the spirit of SENDember, I have set a goal for myself to get 45 minutes of cardio and 5 -10 minutes of meditation each day. To kick it off I headed to the hills on an 8-mile round trip adventure to find a small patch of snow and make … Read more

To our Beloved Community,  We at Send It hope you and your families are safe and secure, wherever you are. Unusual times challenge organizations to make tough decisions, focus on guiding values, shift directions and stay closely connected as a community. All of us are understandably preoccupied with the Coronavirus for the risks it poses … Read more

This past May, I kissed my honey goodbye and hopped on a plane to join eight strangers at a beach house in a town I’d never heard of. I was headed to Stinson Beach, California, with the Send It Foundation to surf and mountain bike with young adult cancer survivors – people like me.   I … Read more

Thirteen years, 200,000 miles and counting, Jamie’s TITAN embodies community, adventure, hope – and an inspirational life worth celebrating NASHVILLE – Last September, Nissan began its Calling All Titans campaign to celebrate people using their trucks to help those around them. A year later, Nissan celebrates Jamie Schou, a TITAN of the Community who persevered through a rare … Read more

From “Bad Boob Blog – there’s always one bad one in the bunch” Some time in December I got an email from my workplace  “Sherpa Team” telling me I was nominated for what my company calls the Legacy Award. My first question was “Are you sure?”, followed quickly by my second question, which was “what is … Read more

“Stand tall, keep your weight downhill, and trust your edge.”  – Karl, my wise snowboarding instructor. Last week, I had the pleasure of spending time in Squaw Valley with Send It. While the entire week was incredible, the moment that suck with me most was the Thursday afternoon snowboarding sesh.  The preceding days were spent … Read more

Have you ever felt a connection with someone that you haven’t met? I have been thinking about (and missing) my Tahoe trip. It changed me, as these retreats always do. I’ve come back with an excitement to really-live-fully, again. I was reminded that I need to practice being kinder to myself, listen to my body … Read more