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My Tahoe Send It Trip

Have you ever felt a connection with someone that you haven’t met? I have been thinking about (and missing) my Tahoe trip. It changed me, as these retreats always do. I’ve come back with an excitement to really-live-fully, again. I was reminded that I need to practice being kinder to myself, listen to my body try new things, get outside more, and slow down (just to name a few). I didn’t realize how much I needed this trip…to refresh/restart, take in some deep breaths.

It was amazing to experience someone else’s lifestyle. Ski town living was down to earth and authentic. The trip was full of laughs and tears, sleepless nights, good food, gorgeous sights, pushing boundaries, eye rolls, games/drinks, new experiences, and more. I kept thinking about Jamie and Lindsay. Jamie lived a wonderful, beautiful life in such an awesome town. Everyone truly loved him and talked about his deep compassion and kindness. He is a local star! I felt and visualized him throughout the week while looking at his mountains, hanging in his bar, talking to his friends, eating dinner with everyone thinking…Wow, he is literally changing people’s lives. We are here living his dream. He wanted us to experience his passions…and we are!! He (and fab sisters) gave us experiences, confidence, exploration, opportunities, friendships, love, laughs, etc. I was so emotional towards the end. He helped me grow, and we never met.

I can’t put it all into words, as it’s hard to explain. I feel him, and I see him smiling when I close my eyes. Thank you to each person that was by my side on this trip (even though we drove each other bonkers at times)! You are my people, my cancer family. thank you Lord for the blessing(s). Thank you Lindsay for saving my life. Thank you Jamie for teaching me how to live it. Until we meet in heaven. Send It!