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Vy Nguyen Grant

The Vy Nguyen Koller Grant is designed to inspire and empower young adult cancer survivors to activate their dream adventures, embrace the challenges and the beauty of the outdoors, push boundaries and live for today.

Named for Send It alumni, this grant is an opportunity to realize the adventures and experiences you dream about, big or small. What is something you have always wanted to accomplish, but need support to get there? What is the ultimate goal, experience, or project you would like to pursue? We want to help you make your sendy dreams a reality and bring your vision to life.

The goal of this grant is to provide support and partnership to help you realize your aspirations. It is our purpose to distribute meaningful grants that will catalyze your personal outdoor pursuits to make a positive impact in your life. We hope your story of sending it will inspire others to do the same.

About Vy Nguyen

Vy Nguyen Koller was a dear member of the Send It community since its inception in 2013. She and Send It Founder, Jamie Schou, became friends when they met on the F-Ground of Stanford Hospital undergoing chemotherapy for the same diagnosis, Synovial Sarcoma. Jamie and Vy traded stories of their time and adventures in between treatments and supported and encouraged each other through trying times.

Vy sent it, living her life with purpose, passion, and adventure. The Vy Nguyen Koller grant is inspired by her Shasta Climb in 2015 – a bold endeavor as part of her quest to summit as many mountains as she could despite undergoing numerous treatments and surgeries to her leg and lungs.

In May 2015, Vy got the news that her cancer was back for the 4th time with more intense chemo on the horizon. She thought this might be her last chance to fulfill her dream to climb Mt Shasta, but with no technical mountaineering experience, she didn’t know where to start.

She contacted the Send It Foundation, and the first grant was conceived. Send It acted quickly to make arrangements so Vy could live her dream and summit Mt. Shasta before the next round of treatment.

Vy embodies the mission and ethos of Send It, that each day is a gift and to life it fully. We hope her legacy will inspire you to reach for the stars, to live for each moment, and to Send It.

Learn more about Vy through her blog, ‘Rise and Shine Tastebuds!’